11 Things You Didn’t Know About Learnifier

A lot of amazing things has happened in 2018, and you might even be part of it. But even if you have known us for a while, we are pretty sure that you don’t know all these 11 fun facts about Learnifier. 
1. We have outgrown our office – again.
 2 colleagues have joined our team in February, and this year we are welcoming more colleagues as we plan to double the size of our team. So, soon we'll be looking for a bigger office space. But, you’ll still find us based in Stockholm - and serving customers in 28 countries. 

2. Yay, we’re entering the year with a magic number: 170 customers. We’re so grateful and excited to be part of this learning revolution with you all. 

3. Yes, we’re a true Swedish company serving customers in 28 countries – from Stockholm (when we’re not working from San Diego, Thailand, Portugal, Åre, Spain, Denmark, or Chile)

4. Learnifier was born listening to heavy-metal. According to our CTO, Iron Maiden was at the top of the playlist. If anyone wonders, we can add: Research shows that music has a big effect on productivity and we are here to confirm that it’s true.  

5. Our name Learnifer is actually a cool merge between Learning and Amplifier. Want to turn up the volume of your expertise and boost your learning with us? Take Learnifier for a test drive via a free trial or book a 30 min meeting with one of our Learning Experts.

6. We don’t drink coffee. We drink d*mn good coffee. And since our extended Learnifier family (read boyfriend of our Head of Sales) breathes coffee, fika just got even better. If you bring cinnamon rolls, we’ve got the coffee.

7. We believe in life-long learning. Because we are a bunch of passionate learning nerds. And because it is more fun to be so in an exponentially changing world. 

8. We Slack and Zoom when we can’t be in the same room (hm, a little rhyme there). We would rather do a short meeting online today than wait a few weeks to clear calendars and meet in person (even though we love meeting face-to-face)

9. We are in the for the long run but we are also sprinters. We are no longer considered a start-up (we have existed since 2012) but with our start-up DNA we love working iteratively (build-test-improve). Agility is our middle name. 

10. We think learning in a big-hearted way. We’ve donated Learnifier to:

  • RAMP – a project by Stockholm School of Economics aiming to increase diversity in Swedish Industry and help newcomers to a fast track into the Swedish job market.
  • Briggen Tre Kronor – with their initiative Sustainable Waters and “Expedition Rädda Östersjön”.  

11. We love informal meet-ups too. Come on over to our office. If any day works, pick a Friday at drink-o-clock. Reach out to hello@learnifier.com and let us know when exactly 🙂

Marie Forsberg
Marie Forsberg