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23 Creative Onboarding Ideas Your New Hires Will Love

Do you have a structured onboarding in place for your team and/or your organization? 
First impressions really last and you really want your talents to be wow:ed -
not just informed and be able to hit the ground running. Here is a list of our favorite onboarding ideas to create engagement and high productivity from the start!

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There is a lot to gain if you and your organization carefully organize and execute your onboarding process in the most effective way. Most importantly, you empower your new hires to succeed faster and become a brand ambassador before they even start

  1. Schedule a lunch 

    Book a lunch for the new hire, their manager, and the team they’ll be working with. That way, they can meet and talk with everyone in a casual setting. Do this either before day one or right away on their first day. It can be live or digital - the important thing is that it happens :)

  2. Wow them from the moment you send over the contract

    Strengthen your employer brand early on. Most companies are “radio silent” during the period of contract-signing and the first day at the office. Instead, you should use this period to ‘preboard’ your new hire and share the excitement. 

  3. Do an entry interview

    Interview every new hire to learn more about what’s important to them, what they like, and how the company can best support them during their employment. According to Thrive Global founder Arianna Huffington, such interviews can uncover a number of cases where the company can better cater to their employees. Remember: Your new hires are assessing their fit in your organization just as much as you are. By asking or doing a simple interview online, you can leave the door open for feedback or input. New hires may be nervous to speak up.

  4. Schedule a video call

    Setup a video call for the new hire and their team. It’s gives everyone the opportunity to meet. Alternatively, share a video via email or text message.

  5. Send the new hire some company swag

    If they mentioned their family during the interview, include some fun company-branded items for their spouse and kids too.

  6. If your company hosts a weekly happy hour or other social event, invite the new hire to attend.

  7. Reach out and let them choose

    If your company doesn’t have restrictions regarding hardware, ask your new hire is he/she prefers, for instance, an iPhone or an Android. Same goes for their laptop. That’ll make your new hire feel involved and appreciated.

  8. Schedule an office tour

    After the new hire accepts the offer, schedule an office tour for them. They can come back in more relaxed knowing they’ve already landed the job. Or include a virtual tour via video and add it in your preboarding program.

  9. Set up a Buddy for your new hire

    Have your buddy person connect with your new hire before their first day and during their first week and month. Read more here.

  10. Pair your new hire with a 30-day “point person”

    Choose a point person who will guide them through the experience. This can be a member of the HR team, an office manager, or the hiring manager.

  11. Send a basic schedule to your new hire

    Keep it simple. The aim is to outline what they can expect before they start and during their first week or two on the job. Avoid an in-depth road map. That could seem a bit overwhelming early on.

  12. Invite your new hire to join a Happy hour gathering
    At Learnifier, every Friday we gather all teams for a ‘Drink o’clock’. The goal is to expose your new hire to their team and co-workers in an informal, social setting.

  13. Check in with your new hire three times before day one

    Check in with your new hire one week, three days, and 24 hours before their first day. You can mention things like “We spent this afternoon setting up your computer”. You could also send them a photo with the message “your desk is all ready for Monday.” It shows the new hire that you’re thinking about them and putting effort into preparing for their arrival. That’s something that’s easy to build in to your preboarding process.

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  14. Create a team gif

    Capture your team jumping in the air of excitement of your new hire joining anytime soon now.

    Here is how to create a gif from a short video. 

  15. Make the First Day Festive and Fun

    Arriving to a desk all set up and ready to use is nice. But being welcomed in a more festive manner is much more memorable and cheerful. So, why not hang a balloon, bring fresh flowers, or have all team members write a personal Post-It Note welcoming your new hire?

  16. Create an Onboarding Kit

    Need ideas on how to create a physical onboarding kit? Check out our Pinterest board for onboarding.

  17. Make the first week delightful

    First weeks are usually quite packed with impressions and information. Make it light and delightful. How? Let the new employee arrive a little later on the first day (at 10 or 11 AM), allowing them to have a smooth morning finding the place. That’ll also give you and your team time to prepare the desk ‘welcome party’.

  18. Set up a quiz

    Define some key questions (and answers) about the company, culture, or even team members. Then, create a light quiz around them. That way, the new hire will learn relevant and fun information. They’ll also feel better prepared for the first week. 

  19. Turn your onboarding into a scavenger hunt

    Organize a scavenger hunt for your new employees! The scavenger hunt is a series of tasks and questions designed to expose new hires to all areas of the company. (Example: Who is the video wizard? Who has done over 100 customer onboarding workshops?) It’s also a fun way to ensure that the new hire meets all the other employees and learns what they do. Also, that enables new hires to get familiar with all other departments quickly and establish cooperative working relationships from day one.

  20. Write a creative employee handbook (and rename it)

    Say goodbye to boring employee handbooks! Turn your employee handbook into an exciting text worth reading. Call it something other than a ‘handbook’. Make it visually attractive — fill it with images. Write it in a way you would talk to a friend. A casual tone and occasional joke will help your new employees feel relaxed and at ease. Check out five great examples here.

  21. Turn your onboarding into a bootcamp

    Implementing a bootcamp program is a great idea for onboarding new employees in leadership roles. It means that new employees rotate through every team in the organization. This is a great way for your new leaders to get to know all the teams quickly. It gives them an opportunity to learn how they operate and develop strong personal ties with other employees and departments.

  22. Ask for feedback and optimize

    Make sure you know how your onboarding program is perceived at different stages: Preboarding, Day One/ Week One, Month One, and 90 days. Create outreach via a short online survey and show appreciation for any feedback. By offering transparency, the new employee will feel fully integrated into the company. Include questions like:
    Should onboarding be longer? Shorter? Or was it just about right? Do you feel you have the knowledge you need to succeed? Is there anything you wish you had been told?

  23. Blend your employee onboarding with continuous learning

    Be strategic about your onboarding — and not just in the first few weeks. If you think of it as ‘continuous onboarding’ of employees, you’ll actually keep employees engaged and prepared for new positions in the company. This will also help you boost productivity and help people reach their targets faster. Furthermore, in this fast-changing tech environment, you’ll want to help your employees learn every day and develop high learnability and agility. Use your onboarding or preboarding tool to continuously empower your people to learn and perform even better. 



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