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3 Reasons Why Digital Pre-boarding and Onboarding Are Essential For Managers

Most managers are heavily loaded with both strategic and operative tasks. It includes training staff to make them feel like they’re developing in their roles and within the organization. And it does certainly include getting new employees up and running. Since time does not come in abundance, digitizing capacity building will streamline not just the manager’s job, but also the staff’s. 

Here are the main three reasons: 

1. Tailor-Made Learning

If your organization uses an online platform for learning, that is the place you would want to gather all knowledge. Videos, images, documents, articles, lectures etc. From this library of information, you can easily choose the necessary content and just assign it to the employee. Every employee’s development is customized to fit their profile, need and challenges to make the learning as effective as possible. This will also increase motivation since training and the results of it will come across faster.  

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2. Interactive Dialogue 

Learning is an ongoing process and is therefore happening continuously. That is also why feedback should be given often, especially in the beginning of the employee’s journey. With training online, feedback and comments can be given at any time from anywhere. This keeps the dialogue ongoing without you having to book a meeting or travel to see your team members. 

So will I quit meeting my employees face to face, you might ask? No, of course not, but you can enhance learning by frequently giving feedback, making yourself more available, and encouraging your team members on an ongoing basis. 

3. Repetetive Education

Competence development includes repeating information. Sometimes you have to hear it twice. Sometimes you want to revisit and repeat certain learning content after a couple of weeks or months. This is not possible if learning only is being held IRL. Digital learning lets your employees go back and repeat information anytime they want. And the best thing is that you only have to set it up once. As soon as it is live you can use the same content multiple times. 

Generally speaking, keep in mind that the work climate is way different these days compared to just a couple of years ago. People move in a faster pace, change employer more often, or start their own business if they are not happy where they are. This makes digital learning even more important as a way to keep people motivated and help them succeed faster. And as a bonus, managers win more qualitative face-to-face time when spending less time on basic introduction activities. 



Rebecca Cannerfelt
Rebecca Cannerfelt