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3 Tips from leadership and strategy execution expert Johan Book: How to motivate people to embrace change and create new behaviors

When working with learning things always change. New knowledge. New tools and processes. You could say that when it comes to learning - as it is in life - change is the only constant.  And people love change right? The answer is both yes and no.

When we speak to organizations about challenges when it comes to internal competence development something that often comes up is "how do we get people engaged in the learning we create for them?" and "how do we get them motivated to learn?"

So we asked Johan Book, Co-Founder of HejEngagemang!, author and expert in leadership development and strategy execution, for his best tips on how we can engage people in change - for example motivate people to take in new knowledge and create new behaviors.

Watch the video below and listen to what Johan has to say about it!

(He will be speaking Swedish but not to worry, we have English subtitles as well.
Just play the video and click the CC button next to the cogwheel)

3 tips in summary:

INVOLVE your people in the change!

Let your people express their opinions and contribute with ideas.

Break the big change into individual goals

so it doesn't end up outside the day-to-day work. This for example means deciding on and creating clarity around which behaviors that are desired. 

Follow up, encourage and give feedback on the new behaviors

We want to do more of what we get encouraged for.


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Rebecca Cannerfelt
Rebecca Cannerfelt