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5 tips: Developing great leaders in today's world: Learnings from Petra Brohäll and Pelle Sundquist

Great Leaders is a Swedish leadership development company driven by their mission to ”make more people experience and share the power of great leadership”. They work internationally and help individuals, teams and companies unleash their full potential. They use trust as a key metric and work closely with well-reputed researchers.

In June this year we had a webinar together with Petra Brohäll and Pelle Sundquist on the topic of "Leadership development in the new era: Creating trainings that engage and give results."

In case you missed it, today we share a video with part of the webinar in which they share 5 key learnings about how to develop great leaders when all or large parts of the trainings are done online.

Note: The video is in Swedish but there are English subtitles

Our summary of the 5 tips

1. "Great Leaders are Great Learners"

If you want to be great you need to learn. And to improve you need to experiment and be open to new perspectives. By starting and focusing the entire training around this mindset you get a good foundation to stand on.

2. Inspire a strong self-leadership where participants own their own development

You cannot push the participants to learn - they need to own their development. New learnings and insights only happen when they want to learn themselves.

3. Experiment actively and evaluate constantly

Dare to try new things. Don't just do a survey at the end. Evaluate the trainings throughout. Ask for feedback and see it as a gift. 

4. Trust and safety is crucial

Everyone has been in a meeting or workshop where questions go unanswered. Very important to put a lot of effort into creating trust and safety. For example Great Leaders interview each participant ahead of time and let them work in smaller "learning groups" in between workshops.

5. "Simplicity lies on the far side of complexity"

It takes time to write the short book they say. When you develop leadership trainings - simplify as much as possible. You want your learners to be able to directly apply what they learn. Leadership research can be complex but the way it is presented need not to be.


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Rebecca Cannerfelt
Rebecca Cannerfelt