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5 tips on how to create a successful customer onboarding

Many of us work in companies and organizations where customers need to understand how to use our products or services in order to get started and get value from them. We need to successfully onboard the customers so they can jet off to exciting destinations. 

But what is the recipe for a successful customer onboarding?
Well - we asked our very own Customer Onboarding Specialist, Erika Bjelfvenstam, for her best tips on creating a great customer onboarding experience. 
Watch her video and/or read the text summary below.

5 tips in summary

1. Understand your customer and their desired outcome

Ensure that you understand what obstacles or pain points your customer is currently facing. It is equally important to know about their ideal outcome.

2. Be clear with and agree on expectations

Before the customer decides to buy your product or service, they should know what to expect. The handover from the sales team to the onboarding team is crucial. 

3. Show added value with your product or service

It is important that you reemphasize the value that your product or service will provide for the customer. An easy way to do this is to show examples of solutions that are unique to your customer’s needs and that can address their pain points. 

4. Create milestones

Help your customer with creating milestones such as goals or metrics that are measurable. In this way, the customer will be able to evaluate their usage of your product or service.

5. Communicate throughout the entire onboarding process 

A continuous communication throughout the onboarding process helps when you build trust and with improving the engagement. This can also complement your meetings with the customer or any tutorials and guides. Create a positive experience at every interaction. By being available and easy to reach, you are with your customer every step of the way.


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Rebecca Cannerfelt
Rebecca Cannerfelt