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Audio is the new video: Easily make your own podcast - like a pro!

Audio is becoming the new video! We just need to look at the many podcasts there are out there. Some may argue too many, but we leave that unsaid.

When we talk to our customers many express that they would like to look into audio as a way of sharing knowledge. The reason for this is that it is quite an easy format with which to take in knowledge but also because it is much easier to produce than video. Forget about lights and make-up! You can look like Shrek and be fabulous! ;)

In case you are a Podcast lover or know someone who is, and may be curious about how to easily start doing a Podcast for learning purposes, we recommend the tool Anchor, Spotify's own free podcasting tool.

All you need to produce your podcast is some kind of device such as a phone or laptop to record with.
The tool allows you to both record and edit your clips, and as soon as you feel ready, just click publish and your podcast gets distributed to Spotify and other channels.

Try Anchor here


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Rebecca Cannerfelt
Rebecca Cannerfelt