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Product Highlight: Automate your learning platform with automations

Do you spend a lot of time trying to figure out which learner should take which course? Do you manually invite each learner because of different roles and rules? Forget the admin hassle and let your automations do the job for you!

So, how does this work?

  1. Go to the tab "Automations" and click "Add automation".

  2. Choose "Normal mode", "Advanced mode", or "Expert mode" depending on how you wish your automation to work. Contact support if you need help.

  3. Set your automation to "Live" and then you're done!

NOTE: Automation is an Enterprise function, but is also an add-on to the Professional price plan.

Why use this function?

– Automatically invite learners to courses as soon as they are registered in Learnifier. With the integration of an HR system, for instance, or Learnifier's self-registration, you can create a truly automatic learning platform.

– Automatically invite learners to the most relevant courses for them based on their custom fields, such as their country, company, or role. Automation not only simplifies your course management but also makes the learning experience more efficient.

  • – Create a more engaging learning experience automatically without extra work. Use automated communication to schedule messages with personalized variables during the participant's course journey.

See how NetOnNet uses automations below (in Swedish)

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Ester Andersson
Ester Andersson