In good company: Stockholm on the list of hottest EdTech cities in the world

Stockholm takes place ten among the best EdTech environments in the world in a new report by the Australian company Navitas Ventures. Learnifier is mentioned as one of the leading companies within the category of creating digital training and courses.


The report has listed the 20 most interesting cities for EdTech companies based on a data-driven index that measures the number of companies, access to venture capital, ecosystems in the form of organizations, marketplaces or incubators, state aid, and innovation potential, as well as access to and quality of the education system. The ecosystems of the twenty-seven cities are presented with each other's health in the report. The top hubs for EdTech globally are: Beijing, Silicon Valley and New York.

“Stockholm is standing out as number ten on the list. Despite its small size, Stockholm places itself among the international giant cities, largely thanks to a high degree of innovation and a growing ecosystem that supports the industry, especially at a  Nordic level”, explains Tim Praill, strategic chief Navitas and Navitas Ventures. 

The Swedish EdTech industry is quite large and experience rapid growth of EdTech is one of the fastest growing markets and exceeds Fintech in size.

“Sweden has an innovative culture that fosters many successful Stockholm-based international companies. We are happy to be one of them, serving over 50 Fortune 500 companies, in 25+ countries, and more than 500,000 users. Unlike many other EdTech companies, our growth has happened organically - without venture capital. We are both thankful and proud of our customers who share our vision and use our tool to empower people to share their knowledge by easily creating digital training”, says CEO Mattias Borg, Learnifier.    


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Marie Forsberg
Marie Forsberg