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Available Now: Registering Attendance

Reduce your course administration by using the latest update that enables Learners to register their attendence for your events directly in Learnifier!

New feature: Registering attendance to Events in a Course
It’s now possible for Learners to register their attendance for events right in the Learner interface by answering ”yes", ”no" or ”tentative”. In the Administrator interface you will then be able to see this information, and if needed change their answer, in the Projects Events-tab.

Enhancements to Calendar Invitations: Re-send & registering responses
If you’ve been using our feature "Calendar invitation”, we’re happy to tell you that Learners calendar responses from now on will be sent back to Learnifier. Which means that if you send out calendar invitations to a Learner and she/he answers ”Yes”, this information will be registered in the Projects Events-tab. The Learners response will also automatically be registered in the Learner interface so that she/he are able to see her/his answer when she/he takes your Course.

Another enhancement to "Calendar Invitations” is that you now are able to send out updates to Learners, either one by one or to all Learners at the same time, for one event at a time.

Three reasons why this update reduces and makes your course administration easier

  1. It allows you to register the Learners attendence and save this information in Learnifier instead of having to note this down in a separate word or excel file. Which means that you have this information near at hand when you actually need it; while you are administrating your courses.
  2. Learners will no longer have to contact you via email to inform you that they can’t attend your event, they can now register this directly in Learnifier.
  3. Minimises the risk of any seats to one of your events being left empty. Because it will be easy for Learners to inform you if they can't attend your event from now on, the chances that this information reach you before the actual event is much higher. This means that you have an opportunity to invite someone else to take their place instead of having any empty seats left.


Mattias Borg
Mattias Borg CEO & Co-Founder