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Control the playback speed of videos

You can now control the speed when watching a video.

The new video speed control regulates the playback of videos. As a participant in a course, you all have different preferences of what you would like your Learnifier experience to be. Now to be able to control the playback of videos that are a part of the course that you participate in, the new feature makes it able for us to create a more personal experience for you.

A participant can now control the playback speed of videos - and this is how they do it.

  1. Start by opening an activity that has a video in it,
  2. The video player has a symbol for settings,
  3. There is a setting for speed control, for example,”x0.5”, which means that the video will be played at half of the original speed.


Mattias Borg
Mattias Borg CEO & Co-Founder