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Create better Courses with our latest release

Friends of Learnifier!

This may be the most wished-for launch and we are therefore very excited to announce that you now have access to the new Course Builder.

The focus when redesigning the Course Builder has been to create a more intuitive experience, which will hopefully make it easier for you, when building the course, to understand the sequence of activities in the course, and also help you get a better sense of how your course design will actually look for your Learners.

We also wanted to create a design which allows you to be more creative and not limited in designing your course just the way you want. This we did in part by adding the feature Activity page layout and the functionality a regular Text editor has (see screenshots to the right).

One more thing. In this release we included the new flow for adding material to a project. You will from now on be able to upload it right from the Course Builder, instead of using the Material tab. By changing this we hope that your work both gets easier and goes faster.



Watch this video to get more info about the new Course Builder:


Happy Course building!

Mattias Borg
Mattias Borg CEO & Co-Founder