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Edit your video directly in Learnifier

We think that video is the most important media within Learnifier. We are constantly working on improvements on how to make this better and how to support this media in a better way. For us, it is important to make it easier for you to add and use video in your courses. We have met with a lot of people that aspires to use Videos as the main media in their Learnifier courses but they don’t know how they’ll edit their videos. There have been a fair bit of questions regarding what editing program they should buy to be able to edit videos on their computer.

We have a solution to this issue, you are now able to edit videos directly in Learnifer. After you are koine with editing your video you are able to save that video to your learnifier-library, this makes it easier for you to add these videos to the right course.

The following are the currently supported browsers you need to have installed on your computer to be able to use WeVideo on Learnifier (with more to come)

• Google Chrome
• Mozilla Firefox
• Opera 15+
• Microsoft Edge

There is a five-step process for editing your vide.


Step 1: Create a Video Edit. Open materials under library. Click on “editable video” under the button ”add material” to load the WeVideo editor. Start your editing process by adding your media to the timeline.

Step 2: Upload your Videos, Images, and Music
. You will also have the option to pull media from other locations such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Drag the chosen media down to the timeline.

Step 3: Edit your timeline. 
Now that all your media is there, you can rearrange them, trim them, or add effects. Add some music, adjust some audio levels and add some text. You can even animate objects to give your video that extra oomph.

Step 4: Finish your Video. Preview your video and make sure everything is how you like it. Now click on finish

Step 5: Video to the library. Once the finalization process completes, you will be able to find your video under your materials in your library.

We hope this interaction will help you accomplish some extraordinary educational videos for your learnifier courses and we also hope this will make your experience in Learnifier a fun and extraordinary.

Mattias Borg
Mattias Borg CEO & Co-Founder