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Improved server structure enables us to release new features more often

Getting our new features out to the world faster
Last Saturday we released an upgrade which makes it possible for us to make future system updates without affecting your work in Learnifier. In other words, it minimises down-time and greatly improves our ability to make continuous upgrades in Learnifier. By implementing this we can increase the pace of the development and release new features more often.

From now on, Learnifier also has a double set of servers which means that if one goes done there’s another one there to back it up.

New add-on: Customised domain name
Psst.. Another great thing about this release is that the Learnifier Dev team made it possible to have an all customised domain (without before your company name) for your learning platform. If you’re interested in this add-on, please contact our Sales team at

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Mattias Borg
Mattias Borg CEO & Co-Founder