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Boost your brain to take in new knowledge! Some motivation from Ted Speaker Wendy Suzuki

Today's Saturday Calendar Door we devote to one of the best things we can do for our brains - exercising. Here is a short and inspirational article and below a Ted video from Wendy Suzuki, a Neuroscientist at New York University. Even if you already work out every day, maybe this piece will inspire you to help others be more active.

"A single workout increases neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin and noradrenaline, and these mood boosters can also improve your memory and focus for up to three hours afterwards."


5 tips to incorporate exercise into your workday
- from the team at Learnifier

1. Walk or cycle to and from work

If you work at home go for a walk in the morning, during lunch or after work.

2. Do an office challenge

Take the stairs up and down for 3 weeks! Give the winner a nice prize! Do the same if you work at home (and have stairs).

3. Set the alarm on your phone

Sometimes you need a reminder to get you to leave your desk.

4. Internal meetings?

Why not do walk n' talks!? Good for creativity and energy.

5. Pick a few physical exercises you enjoy doing and can do daily

Choose a few that do not require you going to the gym.

For motivation TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest have lots of short workouts.
Set a goal for example 20 minutes 3 times per week. 

If you do only one of these things your brain will be more alert and you will take in new knowledge more effectively.

P.s. If you are a Manager and/or lead a lot of meetings and workshops, why not incorporate some movement when the energy gets low? 


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Rebecca Cannerfelt
Rebecca Cannerfelt