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Just write it? Just did.

Have you spotted the changes in the Learnifier brand? If you have, it means we're on the right track! The logo serves as the initial point of interaction between our customers and our brand, and we've taken great care to ensure that it accurately represents who we are as a company today.

We often emphasize the profound impact of learning by doing. A decade into our journey, we recognize the imperative for a fresh perspective on our brand visuals, starting with our logo. Since 2013, our industry has undergone dramatic transformations, and the unmistakable demand for more dynamic solutions from our customers is evident.

While easy, engaging, and efficient have always been the pillars of our brand identity, our existing logo has conveyed quite the opposite message. Many have struggled to decipher our brand name, and our font was open for unrestricted use by others, a practice both risky and unoriginal.

Therefore, without further delay, we proudly introduce a redesigned logo worthy of our times – easy to read, efficient in its simplicity, engaging through forward-leaning letters and underlining, and mirroring our people-first approach through naturally, imperfect handwriting. It appears as if anyone could craft it themselves on a piece of paper? Precisely.

PS ...

Indeed, the logotype is merely the surface of our design transformation. In the coming months, you can expect numerous other alterations to our visual identity. Be on the lookout for color palettes and fonts that seamlessly combine the familiar with a rejuvenating touch, all in perfect alignment with our overarching visual expression.

Learnifier Text + Blue Icon Logo - PNG SMALL - 250px

Ester Andersson
Ester Andersson