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Building culture at a distance: 3 tips on how to build close working relationships in 2022

Building culture and work relationships at a distance.
In surveys done during the pandemic this has often come up as one of the big challenges that companies and organizations have faced. But it has also taught us a lot about human relationships in the digital world.

And the good news is: We can build great relationships and a strong culture remotely. We just need to do it actively and consciously.

Karin Zingmark is a Swedish expert in the field of developing strong workplace cultures through trust, collaboration and communication. She is an experienced Board member, Advisor, Author and Speaker and coaches organizations on the daily. We asked her for 3 tips on how to build stronger relationships at a distance. And here they are! Enjoy and reflect! Is there one of these you can be better at in your team?

The 3 tips in summary

1. Unite over something greater

Something greater than the individual mission.
We need to come together and build a sense of community and we do this best by clarifying and repeating our 'why', our mission and our values.

2. Be organized and clear about what needs to be achieved

For a result-oriented leadership this is necessary.
This means for example 1to1:s and check-in meetings - not just the scheduled ones but also informal ones. Questions like "how are things going" or "do you need help with anything" can make a huge difference.

3. Open up to get close

To build relationships and create a great workplace culture despite physical distance we have to open ourselves up. It is ok to show that everything is not under control. We can make mistakes and need help from time to time and by showing vulnerability we can help each other and build closer relationships.


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Rebecca Cannerfelt
Rebecca Cannerfelt