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Create more engaging meetings, workshops and presentations: 5 tips from rhetoric expert Per Furumo

Ever tried to facilitate a workshop Monday morning or directly after lunch? Then you may have experienced a somewhat higher level of a presentation challenge.

But we all know these magic people who can bring energy and create engagement in the most challenging of situations. Those people who manage to both catch and keep your attention and make you alert and interested in what they have to say - even though the agenda may seem a galaxy far far away from your priorities and to do:s.

We asked Per Furumo, a well-known Swedish rhetoric expert, to give us his top 5 tips for us who want to become even better at facilitating meetings, giving presentations and facilitating workshops, so behind door nr 2 of our Merry Learning Calendar 2021, you find a video of Per sharing his top 5 tips. The video is in Swedish but no worries,  there is a subtitle option.



No time for video?
Per's 5 tips in summary

Secure the check-in
Make sure all participants get to say or do something. 

Ask questions

There is no better way to keep minds alert. If you are the only one talking - ask rhetorical questions. 

Have camera ON and UNmute as a rule

Would you attend a physical meeting sitting behind a curtain? We hope not.
The same goes for being completely mute.
With camera on and unmute meetings will almost be like in a physical setting.

You can be pressed for time but never in a hurry

When you are calm you own any speaker situation.

Slightly strengthened articulation

Just minor tweaks can make a big difference.


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Rebecca Cannerfelt
Rebecca Cannerfelt