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Did you miss any of our releases this spring?

We want to kick-start this fall by highlighting some of our up-coming features and recap some of our favorite releases this spring. 


  • Improve your security with Two-factor authentication

The entire Learnifier platform is secure, but as your business grows you might need more options when it comes to the security of your account. You can chose to have two-factor authentication on your whole account, or on one of your clients, or on specific users, you choose! 

*Available from price plan Professional

  • Make your quizzes and surveys more interactive

You can now add a video, image or an audio clip to your quiz or survey. Simply upload your media directly from your computer or from your library in Learnifier. Make your questions more interactive and let your participant for example watch a video and then answer a question about it!

    • Our brand new Course Builder

In the beginning of the summer we proudly announced the release of our brand new Course Builder. The interface has been updated and we hope you have had the chance to check it out! 

  • Customize your course catalog

Do you want to show your participants a different range of courses in your learning academy? Then you should use this function, you can decide what your participant should see in their course catalog based on their user profile.

*Available from price plan Professional

  • Beta version live of our Zoom integration

You can now use the Zoom-functionality directly within Learnifier. You can easily add a Zoom-meeting to your course and then set a date and time and decide who should be the host for the meeting. No login process needed!
Both the host and the participants will automatically be logged in to Zoom when they open the meeting in Learnifier.

  • Certifications Beta version released 

With this new feature you can connect a certificate to a course. When a participant completes the course, they receive a Certificate.
The participant can easily see their own Certificates and when they are expiring. Are you interested to try Certifications?

Please let us know at

  • Edit your image fast and easy

One of our most requested features from you is soon coming live! This new image editor will allow you to crop, adjust size and rotate your image directly in the course builder. And how about a library of images that you can choose from directly in Learnifier? It's on it's way, more information coming soon.

Native notifications in our Mobile App 

Soon an updated version of our Mobile App will be released for both iOS and Android. In this updated version we have added native notifications. You will now have the possibility to get notifications in your phone and take action directly from the notification. 

*If you have SSO or a custom domain you can unfortunately not use or App yet.

  • Trigger your Automation based on a date

In our feature Automations you can set rules that trigger projects. Soon you will be able to set a trigger based on a date. We have many of you distributing onboarding courses, and this will for example make it possible for you to trigger your onboarding course on a participants start date.

*Available from price plan Professional

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Hanna Iversen
Hanna Iversen