EduAdmin + Learnifier = True

EduAdmin + Learnifier = True

Learnifier and EduAdmin to offer super-combo for companies in the training industry.

Corona has accelerated the digitalisation of the training industry. Companies in the training industry that don't offer professional digital solutions are facing an increasingly rough market situation. Learnifier is the market-leading SaaS service for training companies in the Nordic B2B market.

EduAdmin is the market-leading administration tool for professional training companies with advanced features for training administration, resource booking and payment solutions. There is now integration between EduAdmin and Learnifier, which creates a superior solution for training companies.

Lars Peterstrand, business developer at Learnifier with more than 25 years of experience from the education industry, comments on the collaboration:

"The collaboration between Learnifier and EduAdmin creates by far the best digital solution for training companies and others selling external training."

About EduAdmin
Your educations reach new heights with EduAdmin course administration.
EduAdmin is the most used course administration system for open and company-adapted courses in the Nordic region. The success of their simple and efficient digital course administration comes from 10+ in years of program development.
You finally get full control over the management of your courses and educations.
With a fantastic overview, you now get all the handling in one place.

Marie Forsberg
Marie Forsberg