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Highlight: Evaluate your participants' assignments

Are your participants sometimes required to upload assignments that have to be manually approved before they can move on? If so, you can use the Assignment Upload function which features an evaluation add-on that allows for this specific use case.

The evaluation functionality allows you to set an assignment as passed, failed, or in the resubmit stage, meaning that the participant must complement their work to be able to move on to the next step of the course. All evaluations can be sent along with a comment to the participant, which is especially necessary for the resubmit stage.

To add an assignment component to your course, click on the plus sign and choose "Assignment Upload". Then check the "Evaluation" box. To evaluate a participant's assignment, go to the "Assignments" tab in the project menu, check the box of the participant you wish to evaluate, and click "Evaluate".

Psst...! To lock an activity so that the participant cannot access it before their assignment has been approved, enter the settings for the activity you wish to lock, and under "Activity accessible when", choose "Previous activity completed and passed".

Why use this function?

– Stay organized by gathering all information regarding learning in Learnifier, such as essays and other assignments.

– Increase engagement and thereby the level of knowledge by interacting with your participants. For example, you can add encouraging comments and constructive feedback as a complement to their evaluation.

– Keep your instructors in the loop. Combined with automated communication, you can schedule emails that are sent automatically to them when a participant submits an assignment.

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Ester Andersson
Ester Andersson