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Failure and learning go hand in hand: 3 tips on how to fail gloriously!

FAILURE. Very scary word to many of us. Nobody wants to fail. Yet we know that EVERYONE fails at something all the time. The thing is - we often do not see or hear about the failures - only the success stories. 

This is not good as we miss out on opportunities to both teach others and learn from others. Ok sounds all good but how do we truly dare to embrace failure and make it into something positive for ourselves and our teams and organizations?

Josh Lenn is a transformational Coach and Speaker coaching thousands of professionals how to become better presenters and how to build better teams by embracing failure. 

Josh runs a company called Bold & Confident and is hired by some of the world's most innovative companies such as Spotify, LEGO and H&M to help them change their mindset towards failure, be more bold, boost psychological safety and create environments where people can dare more.

We asked Josh to give us his top 3 tips on how to fail gloriously and boost learning. :)
Watch the video or see a summary of the tips below.



Josh's top 3 tips 

1. Celebrate failure!
We have to reframe it, welcome it and see it as a gift. 

2. Share your failure stories with team and colleagues!
When we share it raises our credibility and connects us.

3. Talk about the learnings
What did you learn and why are you better now because of it?

If you do this, you can fail - gloriously! 


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Rebecca Cannerfelt
Rebecca Cannerfelt