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Helping Customers Succeed From Afar: A story From Our Customer Success Hero Ester Andersson

Hi Ester, what do you do at Learnifier?

– I work as a Customer Success Hero. 

Exciting. What does it mean and what do you do on a daily basis?

– In my role, I help our customers on a daily basis in the support, answering their questions and helping them navigate the Learnifier tool. I am in charge of making sure the support is always under control. That all questions get answered, urgent questions get prioritized, etc. 
I love talking to customers and giving them the best possible customer service.
I start every morning with a meeting with my Customer Success Team where we plan the day, and on Fridays we do a team check-out, talking about the week and looking at next week.
Throughout the week, I also try and take part in some of our social activities such as digital coffee breaks, etc.

"I am not afraid to go outside my comfort zone. For example, it feels exciting to go into a meeting with a customer not knowing all the questions they may ask. If I don't know the answers, I can always ask a colleague. Teamwork is the road to success!"


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What are your days like now and where do you work?

– I have my own little office in the centre of Borås, Sweden.
It is part of a co-working office which is nice as you get to socialize with others during the day.

How did you end up doing what you do and working here at Learnifier?

– I have always loved to learn new things and really enjoyed school. 
When I finished gymnasiet (Editor's Note: Swedish equivalent of A-levels/High School).
I went abroad to Spain to play padel – a sport I love. I took a job as a nanny to be able to support myself, worked and played padel there for a few months. One day, I saw an online ad for the Customer Success Role at Learnifier and I immediately felt I wanted to apply. The company and role seemed like a perfect fit with my personality. And now that I am here, I can say it was very true. :)

What is your main super power and how has it helped you during Covid?

– I think my braveness. I am not afraid to go outside my comfort zone. For example it feels exciting to go into a meeting with a customer not knowing all the questions they may ask. If I don't know the answers, I can always find them out.

"Do something with the extra time you get by not travelling to and from work. For example – learn new things."

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Which are some of the big work challenges you have faced during Corona and have you overcome them? If so, how?

– It has been challenging not being able to work close to my colleagues in the team and in the company. To get a feeling of working together, the team has daily check-ins and we chat on Slack and/or other channels. 

Another challenge has been remembering to take breaks. It is so easy to get in stuck in front of the computer. 

Sometimes it can also be hard to "keep the energy high".  To boost my energy for work I try to get a lot of social time into my days. I have spent a lot of time with family, including my puppy. 

What good aspects have you found working remotely?

– You get more done, both privately and at work. You don't have the distractions.

Also, it has been easier to combine work with studying. For example, I now study programming remotely at Stanford. I also get more time to work with my singing/songwriting.

What have you learned? 3 tips for others?

– Do something with the extra time you get by not travelling to and from work. For example – learn new things!

Before asking someone for help with something and having to wait, try to solve things by yourself first, to speed things up.  

Plan your time weekly and daily to get structure! 

What's your dream work situation in a few months?

– Right now we don't have an office so I will keep working here in Borås. However, I'm super excited to see how our new office turns out and to finally meet my colleagues in person


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Rebecca Cannerfelt
Rebecca Cannerfelt