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How to make great video tutorials! Tips from our Customer Success Hero Ester Andersson

At Learnifier we love to learn. It is part of our DNA. That is the whole reason why our company  exists. Because we love learning and want to help people create and share knowledge. 

And at Learnifier we have many great employees with a lot of knowledge. So in this Merry Learning Calendar Door we asked our Customer Success Hero Ester Andersson to share some knowledge.

Some of you may recognize her name and/or face as she is in charge of our customer support. 

The theme: How to make great video tutorials. 
Ester is our very own tutorial queen producing these each week for Learnifier customers. Now we can all level up. 


This article is part of our digital "Merry Learning Calendar" full of tips and inspiration related to learning and other areas connected to learning.

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Rebecca Cannerfelt
Rebecca Cannerfelt