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News: Improve the learning experience with a personalized diploma or certificate

Make the learning experiences even more fun for your participants – you can now create your own interactive diplomas or certificates in Library. Once your participants have completed a course that has a diploma or certificate attached to it, they will see the following banner:

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When they click on "View your award", they will be transferred to a new menu in the learner interface called "Awards". Under this tab, participants can view all of their awards (diplomas and certificates).

Why use this function?

- Create a more engaging learning journey as a personalized diploma or certificate will make your participants eager to learn more.

- Save time by using a general diploma template in several courses. Yes - it's possible! The system will automatically generate the name of the course from which the diploma or certificate is awarded.

- A diploma or certificate will encourage your participants and let them know they are doing great work!

Watch the tutorial below to see how you can create a personalized diploma.
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