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Introducing a seamless certification solution with Aivaton

The integration between Aivaton and Learnifier is designed to streamline the process of creating and managing certificates for courses.

With the integration, a certificate is automatically created in Aivaton for all of your Learnifier courses. So, when a learner successfully completes a course in Learnifier, Aivaton gets the memo. As soon as the course is marked as completed, Aivaton generates a certificate that's tailored to that course. It sends an email to the learner, delivering their well-deserved certificate straight to their inbox. It's like a virtual pat on the back. In this email, the certificate is right there, ready to be saved or printed. And guess what? The email contains a link, making it super easy for the learner to proudly share their achievement on social media or any other platform they choose. It's all about celebrating those accomplishments!

Key Benefits with sharing certificates?

  1. Recognition and Motivation: Certificates provide formal recognition for learners' achievements, acknowledging their dedication and hard work. Sharing these certificates not only boosts the recipients' motivation to continue learning but also publicly celebrates their accomplishments.

  2. Professional Development: Sharing certificates on social media and professional platforms enhances one's online presence and credibility. It demonstrates a commitment to professional development, making the individual more appealing to employers and peers alike.

  3. Credibility: Certificates from a reputable source, like your organization, add credibility to the recipient's skills and knowledge. When shared, they become a testament to the quality of education or training provided, increasing the value of the certificate holder in the eyes of others.

Customers (Professional and above) have the option to purchase our certificate solution as an annual add-on to their Learnifier subscription for the cost of 12 000 SEK per year.. This annual fee provides them with access to our certificate system, Aivaton, and its functionality.

To ensure a smooth start and use of our certificate system, we offer a basic onboarding service. This onboarding costs 3 500 SEK (one-time fee) and includes training on how to create and manage certificates in Aivaton's system. The onboarding is mandatory to get started with our certificate solution and is conducted by the Aivaton.

For customers who desire customized certificate templates that are fully branded according to their branding, we offer a customized template service. This service costs 12 500 SEK (one-time fee) and allows customers to create certificates that align with their visual identity and corporate branding.

We understand that every business is unique, so we tailor our solutions to fit your needs. Say goodbye to certification hassles and hello to a seamless, branded experience with Aivaton x Learnifier!

Ester Andersson
Ester Andersson