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Live, Lead & Learn: 3 videos by Simon Sinek to inspire you in the new year

At Learnifier we have three words that guide and shape our culture: Live, lead and learn. All three we believe are essential for success and wellbeing. 

In today's calendar door we have selected 3 inspiring videos från Simon Sinek, internationally renowned Author and Speaker, that we feel relate to these words and which we hope will inspire you and your team in 2022. 

P.s. We have also dug up a video from the Learnifier communication archives with our CEO and Co-Founder Mattias Borg, our own Simon Sinek, where he explains "live, lead and learn" as a concept. 







Below our very own Simon Sinek, our CEO and Co-Founder Mattias Borg
talking about the Learnifier values: Live, lead, learn.
(This video is in Swedish)



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Rebecca Cannerfelt
Rebecca Cannerfelt