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Welcome to take part of our Merry Learning Calendar - full of tips and inspiration to take with you into 2022!

The doors of knowledge are about to be opened. In your Christmas calendar, that is. This year, Learnifier's Santa workshop has put together a unique calendar full of tips on how to create the best possible courses and learning experiences. 

For an organization to rise, knowledge must be spread widely across the board. Therefore, our calendar contains something for everyone, lessons that can easily be shared within your teams or externally.


You will find both written content (not in rhyme, we promise) and short videos presented by our eminent Christmas hosts – a mix of Learnifier employees and external experts on subjects like rhetoric, digital learning, leadership training and HR.

Even if digital learning is part of your everyday business, we hope you’re up for some great insights.

How do you engage and get people involved in change? How do you hold good meetings and presentations from a rhetorical perspective? What should you keep in mind when designing good digital learning? Yes, this and more tips on modern learning are behind the 24 doors in our calendar.
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Rebecca Cannerfelt
Rebecca Cannerfelt