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News: Re-enroll your participants in courses

Make sure your participants are up-to-date with everything they need to know in order to perform the everyday work in the best way possible. You can now re-enroll participants to courses that they have finished when it's time for them to revise some skills.🧑‍💻

Do you have courses that your employees have to retake every year? Perhaps you have found it a bit annoying that you have to manually delete them from the project and invite them again? Well, guess what? That time is over! We have now added a "re-enroll button" that you can use for all participants in the course, or just one. This button can also be found on the user profile page. Not only can you re-enroll your participants, but you can also view their course history and when their current certificate is expiring. 

We also want to give you a heads up that we are actually working on automating this process even more. In the next pulse, we are releasing a function where you can let the system automatically re-enroll the participant once their certificate has expired, so you can focus on creating the best courses!

Re-enrollment is available from price plan Professional. 

Why use this function?

- Save time by not having to delete and reinvite participants in order for them to renew their certificates.⏱

- Make sure your participants are always up-to-date with the latest information and knowledge they need to perform their work.📕

- Keep track of your participants' course history as the system automatically saves previous attempts when re-enrolling them.🎖

To see how it works, watch the tutorial below🎬
P.s. Any questions related to our product, feel free to contact us

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