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    Automated Communication: a new and exiting communications tool

    This feature is a great new part of how the learning experience can be designed in Learnifier. This feature offers possibilities that will increase participant engagement and save you time. You will be able to create courses in a way you did not think possible.
    There are two purposes of this new feature:

    1) The first part is to allow you to automatically send different types of messages to the participants. From the beginning, there are a number of different ways to automatically trigger a message. What we predict will be the among the most popular automatic communications are

    - An email is triggered when a participant has not logged in for a certain amount of time.
    - An email is triggered when a participant has not answered an event invite after a certain amount of time.
    - An email is triggered by a specific date.

    These three examples along with how the new feature works will be explained in multiple how-to articles.

    There are also different types of messages than just the above, emails we have, SMS - coming soon, EMAIL, DISCUSSIONS/ANNOUNCEMENT.

    2) The second part is that we now make it possible to build communication plans in the courses, that you can reuse at any time. This is a great improvement that many have requested this will be a major step for the function today, where the plan has to be re-added for each course session.

    Mattias Borg
    Mattias Borg CEO & Co-Founder