Perfect is the enemy of done when creating learning experiences

To seek perfection is to be a prisoner of your own judgment, as the saying goes. Yet, so many set the bar way too high and choose to see any mistake along the way as a failure. When communicating and presenting knowledge, we sometimes let this fear of non-perfection hold us back. So, as advocates for joyous learning, we say forget perfect and go fetch the adventure!

In a time and age when learning itself is changing at lightning speed, is there even a perfect way of doing things anymore? Does perfect in fact exist, when nothing is static and new routes are constantly explored? We think not. For many, the big worry is how their offering, service or product will be received. What if you open a door and there’s a brick wall behind it? Well, so what?
You can always try the next one. And the more doors you open, the better view you get of the world around you.


"It's about testing and adjusting, rather than trying to create perfection from scratch."  


Try, cry and try again

In our opinion, trial and error is the only fundamental method worth applying when creating courses and sharing important knowledge internally and externally. Especially when you want to tailor learning that truly engages and sticks. Also, early “failure” will certainly do you some good, as you get a better understanding of the actual customer demand and how people respond.

Learnifier focuses a lot on digital solutions, but one thing that inspires us about traditional classroom learning is how you’re forced to "feel your audience" to see what works and what doesn’t. No matter how much we digitize, that remains the best approach to learning. It's about testing and adjusting, rather than trying to create perfection from scratch.   

God knows we’re far from perfect ourselves, but the point is we don’t even want to be. Perfect would mean the end of a learning journey that’s only just begun – one that we’re all a part of.

So, remember, good enough means good enough to go. Whatever you like to try, develop, expand or create – first get going, then refine and make perfect. Ish. And have fun on the journey.



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Rebecca Cannerfelt
Rebecca Cannerfelt