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3 important human skills needed to thrive in the hybrid world of work: Reflection by Linda Hammarstrand

Digitalization is moving fast and all businesses are under transformation. New technologies, processes and systems replace old ways of doing things - and sometimes even people. And this can feel scary sometimes. But we need not to worry. No matter how smart the computers are they will still need skilled humans. 

So - in today's world where the digital and physical worlds are inextricably interlinked as one - which human skills will be extra important to have thriving teams and organizations?

Linda Hammarstrand is a Swedish Keynote Speaker, Company Culture Advisor, Author of the book Passion Works and Founder of Culture Academy. We asked her to share her thoughts on the subject.

The video is in Swedish but there are English subtitles.

Linda's tips in summary

1. Be creative

2. Set and communicate values!

3. Cooperate


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Rebecca Cannerfelt
Rebecca Cannerfelt