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Working with sales remotely: Meet our Sales Star Luka Paravinja

Hi Luka, what do you do at Learnifier?

  • - I am a Sales Representative focusing on helping small and medium sized businesses with their learning & development.

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Exciting. What does it mean and what do you do on a daily basis?

  • - It means that I help companies to take their first steps or next steps when it comes to digital learning. On a daily basis I'm meeting potential clients, building relationships and doing my best to really understand their needs. Then trying to find a solution that will help them become successful. 

How do your days look like now and where do you work?

  • - I work from many different locations. Recently I worked for 2 months in Croatia. Right now I am working from a cottage in Ödeshög (Editor’s note: Small town in Sweden). Who knows where I will be working tomorrow! At Learnifier we can work from anywhere.

    I start my days with a cold shower followed by some meditation, skip breakfast and check my email + Slack. Then I have some client meetings and follow ups, followed by lunch and physical exercise, during this warm summer period at outdoor gyms.

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"Don’t be limited to your home, think of the whole world as your office and explore new ways of getting things done." 

How did you end up doing what you do and working here at Learnifier?

  • - After a few years of engineering studies, entrepreneurial efforts and unemployment, I felt I needed a change, both physically and mentally. So I decided to move to Stockholm from Gothenburg and try working with sales, which I had never done before. It was a huge challenge in the beginning since I had no clue about sales and did not see myself as a sales person. Now it feels very natural and I actually see myself as more of an advisor or Project Manager in my role.

What is your main super power and how has it helped you now during Covid?

  • - I always see opportunities as opposed to obstacles when faced with new challenges or situations  which I really have discovered about myself during the Pandemic.

Which are some of the big work challenges you have faced during Corona and have you overcome them, how?

  • - Routines, it has been challenging to maintain them and to separate work from private life.
  • Ergonomic issues. Sitting for such long periods at home is not great for my back, neck or legs. I have overcome this by trying to change positions often and to be as physically active as possible outside work hours. 

  • It is also more challenging to experience the culture. I have a great group of colleagues here but when working digitally it is challenging to contribute to and experience the essence of it.

What good aspects have you found working remotely?

  • - Being able to work from anywhere is one big advantage.
    You get better at leading yourself and plan your days.
  • Also when you actually meet in person you are more present and energetic. 

What have you learned from working remotely? Advice for others.

  • - Don’t be limited to your home. Think of the whole world as your office and explore new ways of getting things done. Be outside a lot, go to the forest and enjoy the sounds of nature for example. Highly needed as we spend more time on digital devices now than ever before. 

How will your dream work situation be in a few months when Learnifier has an office again?

  • - Work from home 50% and work from an office or shared office space 50%. On top of that, also working from different locations for shorter periods of time, around Sweden or abroad.


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