5 important success factors for learning platforms and LMS

When learning is your trade, the experience is everything. Not least in the digital. Whether you call your tool LMS, LXP, or learning platform (the term we love to use), you need different functions and features to create the optimal content. Here, we look at the five most important success factors for learning platforms.

Real commitment leads to better results. And in digital learning, the right tools can move mountains with small means. By using a digital platform for learning and knowledge sharing, you can gather your people, increase your level of competence, and forget all about isolated teams and lack of communication. It will make your journey more fun – and much more efficient.

From strategy to creation

First, you need to find out who the content is for, what prior knowledge they have about digital learning, and what parts of your organization's content that should be digitalized. These insights make it easier to choose a tool tailored to your needs. It will also help you start creating much faster.

When you know who your content should be aimed at, what they need to learn, and what courses you need to digitally develop, you can easily choose the right tool for your business. Then you can start creating learning experiences for employees, partners, and customers.

Seamless knowledge sharing requires seamless technology.

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To succeed in the digital, there are a couple of key factors and features you do not want to be without. Namely the following:

5 musts for digital success

1. Usability

Quite obvious, right? Still, this is where many developers fail. It is extremely important that the tool is easy to use for the content creator, the trainers, and the participants. Seamless knowledge sharing requires seamless technology.

This is also where the distinction between a traditional LMS and a modern learning platform is made visible. In an LMS, you upload already pre-designed courses. In a learning tool, you can create and adjust sustainable courses that are easy to keep up to date.

2. System integration

Your organization feels better when everyone cooperates. The same goes for technology. For maximum ROI, make sure your learning tool supports your existing systems. Good learning platforms are also continuously improved to sync with the latest software.

"Create more engaging content and give participants a greater opportunity to focus on the task"


3. Blended learning

Blended learning is a popular method where you mix teacher-led classes with digital self-study. Facilitators and learners can either meet in traditional learning environments or in the digital. For optimal flexibility and variety, make sure that your learning tool has all the essential functions – from link integration, calendar invitation, and booking to high-end video solutions for webinars.

4. Automation

Learning on autopilot may not sound so inspiring – but it is! By automating distracting elements such as administration, mailings, reminders, and surveys, you free up a lot of time. All to be able to create more engaging content and give participants a greater opportunity to focus on the task.

5. Customer support

When technology breaks down, a robot is the last thing you want to consult. And even on digital knowledge journeys, other people are the best company. Since your learning platform will be used on a regular basis, you want the support to be available and friendly. They should be able to help you solve both small and large issues. Remember that the level of customer support speaks tons about how good your digital tool really is.

Learning platform benefits for your management & organization

- Tailor-made and adjustable content for each target group
- Increased commitment from the participants
- Faster course completion
- Faster conversion to measurable results
- Saves time, effort and money
- Exponential knowledge spreading

Learning platform benefits for your participants & users:

- More time for the actual task
- Flexible learning that can be started and paused anytime, anywhere
- Increased competence with reduced effort
- Learning through discussion – the proven best way to absorb new knowledge
- Administration on autopilot
- More fun courses and content


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Learnifier is the leading learning platform in the Nordics. We help hundreds of organizations digitalize and share they knowledge to onboard and train employees, members, partners, suppliers and any other groups important to them.

Rebecca Cannerfelt
Rebecca Cannerfelt